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Introducing...The Chicken Scoop?

We recently received a piece of customer feedback about a new use for the Belle-V ice cream scoop. 
“So your ice cream scoop is awesome, love that it's heavy duty and looks very sleek. I handed it to my 2 year old Eden, and she decided to use it for her chicken!  It will find it's way to the bottom of an ice cream container soon :)”
-- Jeff O.
Jeff & Eden, thank you for the feedback and for the opportunity to delight you. 


Praise for Belle-V Ice Cream Scoops

We received a nice piece of fan mail today: 
I'm Katy from Boomer's Drive-in. We are not a scoop shop, but we have people prepping milkshakes everyday. This means that each person with a shift must scoop three 3-gallon tubs of vanilla ice-cream. 

From talking to my hops there are a few things that stick out about the scoop:

  1. They hold heat well, which makes a big difference in how quickly one can scoop
  2. The angle that they are at is able to cut the ice cream
  3. The texture is much smoother and builds less callouses on our hands
  4. It lets people put less pressure on their wrists
  5. Very high quality
Thanks Katy!