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Ice Cream Scoop (left-handed)


    Our left-handed ice cream scoop is a fan favorite. This is the first high-performance ice cream scoop created just for lefties!

    The Belle-V ice cream scoop has a striking design and was created to bring joy to your daily ice cream habit. The hand-polished stainless steel is as smooth as a pebble, and is weighted and balanced to feel just right in your hand.
    • Angled head of the scoop works with the natural rolling action of your wrist to give you maximum leverage to easily glide through the hardest ice cream.
    • Sculpted handle is weighted and balanced to feel just right in your right hand.
    • Spade-shaped leading edge helps you get into those hard-to-reach corners at the bottom of your ice cream container.
    • Made from stainless steel for strength and durability.
    • Hand polished, crafted to our exacting standards.
    • Storage pouch included. 
    We recommend cleaning your ice cream scoop with warm soapy water and drying it with a soft cloth. 
    Note: This ice cream scoop model is designed for left-handed users. A right-handed model is available here.
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    Everyday tools should inspire. The clean modern lines, careful weighting and mirror-like finishes make each piece a work of art.


    Every Belle-V product works beautifully. The curves, angles and precise details come together to deliver exceptional performance.


    Each Belle-V product is designed to last and last. Our products are born as metal castings and are finished and polished by hand.

    Ice Cream Scoop (left-handed)