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What Our Customers Are Saying...

“Everything about this product excels … the extra packaging (nice pouch), the reveal, the ergonomics and sturdy handling. Every household should have one! ”


“Beautifully designed from all angles. They feel so good in your hand as you pick them up you almost don’t care whether you have any ice cream in the house or not. And they work wonderfully well, angled for exactly the right scooping process. Gave them as gifts…to glowing reviews all around. ”


"Love love love it. Beautifully made."


“Almost too beautiful to use. I wish everything was designed with such thoughtful attention to comfort, utility and design. Glad I took the plunge."


“I love ice cream and over the years have purchased many different scoops but until I bought the left-handed Belle-V I did not realize how effortless it is to scoop with the correct tool. It is also beautiful, light and easy to clean.”


“Beautiful design, smooth operation. Great gift for the design savvy left hander in your life.”


"The ergonomic design is spot-on, the shape makes an attractive ball of ice cream, the quality of the materials appears to be superior, and workmanship was flawless. Gone are the hand and wrist strains of scooping rock-hard ice cream. This scoop, whether it's left-hand specific or not, is superb!"


"The scoop is a dream to use."


"The perfect gift is one that you have yourself and want to share with others. This is that gift. Ingenious design, sleek, feels good in your hand, and superior quality."


"I like the construction - it's minimalist but mesmerizing... and it looks even better in person. I will put this on my short list of gift items for birthdays, housewarming gifts, etc. Glad I own one."


"The first thing I noticed about this sleek bottle opener was the weight. It feels solid and luxurious. The sort of item you see out at a nice party and then obsessively google until you find it and can order it for yourself."

J. Wooten

"Beautiful, functional, high-quality, and will clearly last a lifetime."


"Wow! Photos don't really do these justice. Yes, they're beautiful, but you don't get a sense of their high quality until you hold them. These are solid stainless steel, with a comfortable curved handle. They're beautiful enough to stand out amidst a feast, and sturdy and classic-looking enough for everyday use."


"There’s just no alternative. A true must-have for non-diabetic lefties in humid climates. Southpaw scoopers no longer marginalized!"


"First, the scoop is more like a piece of art, just gorgeous. Second, the packaging is outstanding. I consider Apple to be the absolute best at packaging products and the Belle-V effort rivals that of Apple. A job well done."


"My wife and I used the Belle-V ice cream scoop for the first time last night on frozen yogurt straight from the freezer. I admit I was pretty skeptical there would be a transformative experience. I figured it would be a decent ice cream scoop, but it is the best scoop I have ever tested! It cut right through and really was effortless... and I have no problem saying it is by far the best out there."


"Kudos to the thought that has gone into the design - the semi-flattened sides scrape the bottom and sides of casserole dishes perfectly. (How has no one thought of this before?) These would make a great gift for anyone needing to fill out their serveware collection."


"Got this for my DH because he is Mr. Ice Cream. He says it is the best one he’s ever used!"


"My scoop is being used at Boomer's Drive-In Restaurant. Our carhops scoop a minimum of three 3-gallon tubs of ice cream per shift. On busy days it can be double that. The scoop is universally popular and always in use for its ease on the wrist, heft and solid feel. I need more!!! Thanks for the great product."


"Never again will I be shuffling items around looking for a misplaced bottle opener. This opener - bigger and more beautiful than others - stands out. Its heft and curves feel great in my hands, and everyone who picks it up to use it comments on it. It comes with a soft storage bag so it doesn't get scratched."


"I'm really impressed with the Belle-V items I've purchased and am now going to order their scoops, and probably anything else they make. (I love that they make an ice cream scoop for left-handed people!) The recyclable packaging is elegant enough to serve as a gift box."